About Us

Ladyask is one of the leading fashion blog in India. It covers latest fashion trends, brands news, Bollywood fashion, seasonal trends, Lifestyle and much more.

Ladyask is established in 20. Our main motive is to provide you all the latest fashion trends which available in Fashion Market. Ladyask already sees good traffic from search Engines and it is also activated on major Social Media channels and digital life.

As we all know India is the second largest country in the world where 1.34 billion peoples live. where more than 50% people are blowing their ability or poverty line. Ladyask is the only platform where all level of people come together to buy different fashion according to their income.

As some of the lady`s don’t know how to work on Google Digital World or online shops. For them, Ladyask also opens stores near their homes. Though they went them to aware about different fashion trend.

 As we all know that female are very conscious toward their fashion as compare to men. As well as girls have different trends. According to their Fashion tips just like in summer they like to wearing skirts, shorts, tight jeans, cotton topper and much more. These all are available on Ladyask.

If we talk about seasonal trends then trend changes time to time. In Winter the Girls want different tips. As they like to wearing woolen cloth, jeans, blazer and much more.

In wedding season all the girls want to be pretty all among the guest as they wore Langa. All Girls want different tips for a different occasion. As if we talk about the wedding. We pretty know that without Mehndi on hand of females seem to be as female without makeup. For that all female went market which is 6 to 7 miles away from their home due to this they all seems to be tired. Ladyask provides you homemade Mehndi of different designs. As here design is made by professional Mehndi designer. As many women don’t like Mehndi for long duration seen on their hands. These homemade Mehndi (Stickers) is made for them as this will be there for 4 to 5 days. It has the easy process to make your hands beautiful. These all is available by Ladyask.

Many women give most of their precious time on their nail. We have a variety  of nail design. Now every woman easy to make by just to watch online videos on FachionAsk.com

As we all know India is a growing Fashion Industry, has plenty ace designers who have made their mark here and abroad with their fashion accessories. Ladyask educates the followers of this blog with the new trends and designs that are launched into the Indian market. While these trends keep on changing and we keep updating the readers’ interesting fashion direction.

Bollywood is a major influence towards a fast growing Fashion trends or influence. Be it newly introduced fishtail braids or their Film Festival and award ceremony outfits Ladyask has all the corners covered.

Here Fashion is not just limited to Indian designers and local brands. Ladyask makes it their due responsibility toward educating the people about International trends, ace designers, International Fashion Weeks & amp; Runways, and so on.

Ladyask is one blog that covers most categories under the sun with engaging and interesting information and facts for women in India and abroad.